Introductory Blog

Hello Readers!

This is my first blog thus, I want to tell you why I have started blogging. Being a literature student I really love to read, write and to connect with different people. Also listening to different experiences of different individuals and sharing some of mine is another thing I enjoy. So, through blogging I want to connect as many people as possible. Moreover besides blogging I would appreciate if teenagers would like to discuss any of their problems with me (on my email address so that I can help them out. It is a promise that it will all be highly confidential and I will try my best to help you guys out. So, let’s become companions of one another to rejoice our lives!

Also, my blogs will be a mixture of reality and imagination. Some realities of life that we neglect are crucial to be explored. So let’s explore them together and start our journey with this mixture of life and I hope that you all will rejoice!!
Thank you and Stay United!